Strip Mall Sushi In Santa Ana At Sushi Ichi

Driving by in the area and in the mood for sushi, I opened up the handy Yelp app on my iPhone and ended up at Sushi Ichi, located in the middle of a small strip mall.

It might not look great from the outside, and well actually it doesn’t look much better on the inside, but the man inside, who I think was the cashier and the chef, seemed very kind and inviting. This place is small, really small. There are only a few tables looks more like a pizza by the slice place.

It took a while to decide what to order. There is a menu above the counter but if you want sushi, look to the right to find photos of sushi rolls. My eyes kept wandering back and forth until I decided on a combination of two items.

The combo I ordered was the Teriyaki Chicken and Spicy Tuna with Rice and Salad ($6.95). When the food arrives, you first notice how this place is different. This is the first sushi place that I have ever been to that served food on styrofoam plates. This might turn a lot of people off. To me, not a big deal. I will eat anything.

The Spicy Tuna Sushi, while not even close to great, was decent for the price but it seemed to be thrown together a little quick. I never expect much from spicy tuna.

Spicy Tuna Roll at Sushi Ichi
Spicy tuna roll at Sushi Ichi

The Teriyaki Chicken was a little of a disappointment. Parts of it tasted alright, but some of it was dry and overcooked. The teriyaki sauce was good, although salty.

Teriyaki Chicken
Teriyaki chicken

The small salad included was great. The simple ingredients of lettuce, sesame seeds, carrots, and dressing worked together wonderfully and tasted fresh. It made me want more.

Sushi Ichi is an interesting place. It seems to fill a different niche than most sushi places. Is this place for you? Maybe not. You won’t find a fancy sushi bar and a huge amount of choices, but a great place for something quick at a reasonable price, even with the food being hit or miss.

Miso soup and salad
Miso soup and salad
Combos And Specials
Combos And Specials

If you are the type of person that drops a lot of money when you go get sushi and want only the best and freshest, then this place is definitely not for you. Stay far away from it and the styrofoam plates. I can recommend Sushi Ichi if you are in the area and looking for a quick bite of sushi for a great price.

Sushi Ichi
2031 E 1st Street #A5
Santa Ana, CA ‎92705

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