Soup, Salad, And More At Souplantation

When I was younger, I could always remember going to Souplantation with my family. Over the years, for one reason or another, I stopped going. I just forgot about the place. I lost interest in buffets, until now.

Not being the biggest fan of buffets, you would think that I would not like Souplantation, but it is the opposite. This buffet doesn’t load you up on greasy junk food, but made from scratch soups, salads, and the right amount of pasta, small slices of pizza, and muffins.

Typical salad at Souplantation
Typical salad

I usually visit Souplantation for Lunch ($8.69), or less with coupons. The great part about this buffet is that you can find the same great choices each time along with other seasonal food items that are changed out every few weeks.

As you walk down the buffet line with tray in hand, the first item you will encounter are the salads. You can always find caesar salad or plain lettuce along with every topping and dressing you can think of. As you move past the salad, you next encounter seasonal items which change every few weeks. Sometimes you might find a maple apple tossed salad or arugula chicken with tarragon. It is always a great surprise to see and try the new items.

The next section is pizza and muffins. The pizza is not what you would think at a normal buffet, but perfectly sized rectangle slices.

Pizza and muffins at Souplantation
Pizza and muffins

There are usually two or three muffins to choose from. No matter which you choose, they taste fresh. I highly recommended the honey whipped butter for your muffins.

Blueberry muffins at Souplantation
Blueberry muffins

A large selection of soups and stews, made from scratch, completes the buffet. The clam chowder is a great. Tastes like it was homemade with large chunks of clams and potatoes. I always find myself coming back for seconds.

Selection of soups at Souplantation
Selection of soups
Selection of desserts at Souplantation
Selection of desserts

It’s hard to right a review for a buffet because there are so many different foods to choose from and everyone has their own preferences and dislikes. Either way, if you like soup and salad at a great price and you have a big appetite, Souplantation won’t let you down.

Don’t forget the soft serve ice cream before you leave.

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