Late Night Happy Hour At Haven Gastropub In The Orange Circle

Haven Gastropub in Orange
Haven Gastropub

The Haven Gastropub in Orange has always been at the top of my list of must try places. I know from past experiences that gastropubs usually have great food along with a huge selection of unique and hard to find beers.

Haven Gastropub opened in September 2009 in the Orange Circle but even with my friend living directly across the street, it took me over two years to visit. Why? I heard the food was expensive and that it was best to wait for their happy hour. The problem is the happy hour did not start until 1100pm and I never found myself in Orange at that time.

This review might be a little biased for a pub since I didn’t order any drinks but only food. That will have to wait for another visit.

The interior while pleasant was quite empty. I know it was late but I was expecting it to be more busy with so many nearby by bars and it also being happy hour.

I ordered The Haven Burger with fries ($14.00) and the French Onion Soup ($7.00). The burger, which was quite colorful, included red onions, roasted red bell peppers and arugula. The fries, sprinkled in rosemary, were crispy but seemed to lack a kick of flavor. For such great ingredients, the burger was nothing special almost bland. It was not horrible. I blame the meat, it seemed like it was missing salt and pepper, but for the price, even during happy hour, I felt it was a big let down.

The Haven Burger and fries at Haven Gastropub
The Haven Burger and fries

The French Onion Soup, unlike the burger, was big on flavors. I usually don’t order onion soups, but in my opinion this soup was rich and loaded with lots of soft, caramelized onions. The only downside was the soup might have been a little too rich since I just couldn’t finish it off.

French Onion Soup at Haven Gastropub
French Onion Soup

Service was attentive and polite. No complaints. I was expecting this as the place was almost empty.

Haven Gastropub looks great inside and out, has a great selection of drinks, but the prices are way to high for the quality of food received, even with happy hour prices. $14 for a burger that I could make better myself? Another reason to avoid this place is that they charged 25 cents per person for water, claiming to be some sort of special filtered water. It tasted like like regular tap water. Spend your money elsewhere.

Haven Gastropub
190 S Glassell Street
Orange, CA 92866

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