A Slice Of Pizza And Friendly Service At Pizza Boy In Anaheim

I decided to make a quick stop to meet up with some friends before a softball game in Anaheim. As I pulled up to Pizza Boy, I was expecting the worse as the restaurant, located in a small strip mall, looked a little dodgy from the outside. I didn’t know what to expect when I walked in but I was surprised to see a nice and clean restaurant inside with a couple flat screen televisions with playoff baseball on.

Pizza Boy, Anaheim
Pizza Boy

I only ordered one slice of Pepperoni Pizza ($1.59). The slice of pizza was nothing fancy but it was quite large for the price and had a nice amount of cheese and pepperoni. It was also less greasy than most of the chain pizza you would encounter. It felt like those making the pizza cared about the quality of the food they were preparing. The pizza dough tasted fresh as it is made daily and never frozen. If you are a fan of Costco pizza, then I think you would be a fan of Pizza Boy as they tasted very similar.

 Pepperoni Pizza at Pizza Boy in Anaheim
Slize of pepperoni pizza

On Wednesday’s, from 11AM-3PM, slices of pepperoni pizza and cheese pizza are only 50 cents. This is a great deal and will make me come back again. If you are paying with credit card, there is a $2.00 minimum, but for most that should not be a problem.

The quick and friendly service made my visit enjoyable. The people at the counter were polite and had a smile on their face.

Pizza Boy is a great alternative to the larger pizza chains. The pizza tasted great at a good price with friendly service. Can’t ask for more. If you are in the area and hungry for pizza, Pizza Boy is a great place to stop by and pick up a pizza to go or to sit down for a quick bite.

Pizza Boy
1177 S State College Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92806

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